Hamas digging tunnels | YouTube screenshot from the Al Qassam Brigades music video, Hamas Tunnel Song Nasheed, on the HowtoSPS channelHamas, the terror organization that also govern's Gaza, is constructing six miles of tunnels ...every month. They glorify this effort on social media while Palestinian civilians in Gaza pay a heavy price.

Map of provocative Syrian fire on Israel's northern border on 25-28 July 2016 | Map photo by DEBKAfileFor the last four days, Syria has been firing artillery within a few meters, or feet, of Israel's border. Apparently Russia has emboldened Assad. According to this intelligence report, Israel may be forced to hit back.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and Russian President Vladimir Putin attend a joint press conference at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem on 25 June 2015 | Photo: Israel's GPO/Kobi GideonIsraeli intelligence and military see the game Russia is playing in Syria, and they are gravely concerned. Russian arms are flowing to Hezbollah and Israeli tech is being used against Israel.

Russian General Alexander Dvornikov and President Putin (Source: DEBKAfile)BOTH RUSSIAN AND TURKISH INTELLIGENCE indicate that ISIS is going global. In the name of preventing ISIS squads from reaching Russia, Moscow too is going global in its war against the Islamist terror group.

Mally Pnina Tapiro of Sderot (Photo: Seth J. Frantzman)The last war with Hamas in 2014 saw 3,700 rockets fall throughout Israel. Many were shot down by the Iron Dome Defensive system. Is another war pending?

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