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In a worst case scenario, 750,000 Israelis will have to be evacuated in the Jewish State's next war. In preparation, there is a nationwide 4-day drill this coming Sunday through Wednesday.

Netanyahu visits Golan Heights April 2016 Photo YouTube screenshot IsraelPM channelIsrael has developed a policy vis-a-vis Syria that includes a worst-case outcome of the current conflict there. The stance Israel has adopted is changing its status in the Middle East.

IDF fighter jet Photo IDF Spokesperson Twitter accountAlmost immediately after the US, Russia and Syria's "ceasefire" began on Monday night, a "spillover" mortar exploded in Israel's Golan Heights. The official interpretation is that it was accidental. Nonetheless, Israel responded "as if" it was deliberate. When Jerusalem's jets struck back, they were fired on by Syrian surface-to-air missiles. Was an Israeli plane shot down? 

The Kalashnikov AK103 and Mohammend shooting one Photo Wikimedia CC BY SA 3.0 and YouTube screenshot mohammed hussein channel Mod 02Russia is not only selling missiles and nuclear technology to Iran, but assault rifles too. Is Tehran's growing demand stretching the combined production of Russia and German manufacturers? If so, why? And what does it mean for Israel?

Illustrative: Russia test launches missiles in military drills | Photo: YouTube screenshot RT channelWithout fanfare, Israeli officials are quietly concerned about the nation's ability to protect its citizens from an imminent war with Hezbollah, the "Party of Allah" in Lebanon. Very concerned.

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