Russian General Alexander Dvornikov and President Putin (Source: DEBKAfile)BOTH RUSSIAN AND TURKISH INTELLIGENCE indicate that ISIS is going global. In the name of preventing ISIS squads from reaching Russia, Moscow too is going global in its war against the Islamist terror group.

Strategic map published July 2016, illustrating growing threat at Israel's northern borderRecent skirmishes on Israel's northern border are nothing compared to the threat posed by dangerous gains that have been achieved by Islamist terrorists in southern Syria

Screen shot Iranians shouting death to IsraelMuslims should set aside their differences and focus on “the ideal of liberating Palestine,” Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said Friday at an event for al-Quds Day, an anti-Israel celebration held annually by Iran. Al-Quds is the Arabic and Farsi name for Jerusalem.

The day’s rallies, held across the country, were attended by tens of thousands and featured chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Israeli and American flags were also burned, Reuters reported.

IDF HQ 01 bodyThe IDF recently completed construction of its "cyber headquarters," a control center for defending the army's data and online communications. The situation room for cyber defense, which was begun two years ago, has been running operations for several months in an enhanced manner, and it is intended to allow the IDF to fully function, even under severe cyber attacks.

Map showing the extent of the first Persian Empire Thursday, 2 April 2015 | The first Persian empire is well-known to students of the Bible. Its founder, King Cyrus the Great, is lauded as the ruler God used to return the Jewish people from 70 years of exile. It is also portrayed by the book of Daniel as one of the world's most powerful and influential governments in human history.
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